Common Earth: Regenerating the wealth of the Earth’s commons



Common Earth

Regenerating the Wealth of the Earth’s Commons


Common Earth is an international consortium supporting efforts to regenerate the wealth of Earth’s commons to meet and exceed the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The global commons are the dynamic, living systems that are the basis of life on Earth. Humanity’s social and economic well-being are dependent on the health of our common land, oceans, and atmosphere. Managing them properly requires valuing human dignity and understanding that true wealth derives from a healthy planet.


Common Earth will launch in April 2018 as part of the Commonwealth of Nations Secretariat’s Innovation Hub. The Innovation Hub is focused on fostering innovation across the Commonwealth’s 53 member states. Together, they represent 2.4 billion people (60% under 30 years old), 21% of Earth’s land mass (spanning Africa, Asia, the Americas, Europe and the Pacific), and 78% of the oceans’ exclusive economic zones. The diverse global community of the Commonwealth represents an unprecedented opportunity for transforming innovative ideas into action.


Common Earth emerged from the “Regenerative Development to Reverse Climate Change” initiative launched in October 2016 at the Commonwealth Secretariat in London. Founded and managed by the Cloudburst Foundation, Common Earth is a collaboration of innovative practitioners, scientific research institutions, and funding organizations. It provides support to decision makers, communities, and companies across the Commonwealth seeking to meet their commitments to the Paris Climate Accord and the Sustainable Development Goals.


Common Earth provides a structure to:

  • Identify, network, and cultivate the global community of practitioners regenerating the ecological commons
  • Provide communication platforms and mapping, monitoring, and analysis tools to support and improve the efficacy of regenerative projects.
  • Direct public and private funds to projects operating systemically and attuned to the unique potential and needs of local contexts.


Members of the Common Earth consortium harness the potential of the Commonwealth’s unique places, people, and communities. It supports and develops local capacities and capabilities needed to address complex global challenges. The consortium is shifting the current model of sustainability from doing less harm to a regenerative model of doing most good. True wealth is when the world’s resources are managed to promote human happiness, dignity and prosperity for all people and future generations.