Innovation Digest for Australia

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Australia 2018 SDG Index Country Profile

The 2018 SDG Index and Dashboards report presents a revised and updated assessment of countries’ distance to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Australia Launches New Programme to Fund Health Innovations

The Australian Govenrment has launched a $35 million BioMedTech Horizons programme to fund health innovations such as the BioPen, a hand-held 3D printer pen filled with stem cell ink, to ‘draw’ new cartilage into damaged knees. The programme is an initiative to support innovative collaborative health technologies that address key health challenges.

Australia’s 2018 Voluntary National Review on the SDGs

Australia submitted its first Voluntary National Review on the Sustainable Development Goals in 2018 to the United Nations High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development. The report tracks the progress Australia has made so far towards each of the 17 SDGs and 169 targets.

Australia Combats Disease, Improves Nutrition in the Pacific

Australia is focusing on new methods of improving disease control and nutrition in the Pacific region by investing in innovative programs to target dengue in Fiji, Vanuatu and Kiribati. Alongside this, LAUNCH Food Challenge will support the use of innovative technology in improving local production of healthy food and public health communication.

Australia’s Cyber Engagement Strategy

Australia’s International Cyber Engagement Strategy provides guidance on the actions Australia will take to explore how digital technologies can create an enabling environment for innovation in education, health, agriculture, economic development and women’s empowerment.

Coral Reef Innovation Facility Launched

The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs has announced the launch of a Coral Reef Innovation Facility to drive innovative solutions to coral reef management challenges in developing countries.

Australian Renewable Energy Agency Launches Innovation Lab

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) has launched an innovation lab to accelerate the integration of renewable energy with electricity grids through cross-sector partnerships. A-Lab is a platform that offers financial assistance and knowledge sharing to inspire creative thinking and solutions to the challenges around the use of clean energy in the electricity sector.