Innovation Digest for Sierra Leone

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Commonwealth Nurses and Midwives’ Maternal Health Programmes

The Commonwealth Nurses and Midwifes Federation has recently delivered three maternal health education programmes in Sierra Leone: one urban and two rural. The first urban programme was conducted in July 2017 in Freetown. The two rural programmes were conducted in June and July 2018.

Sierra Leone Government Appoints First Chief Innovation Officer

31-year-old Dr Moinina David Sengeh has been appointed as the Chief Innovation Officer of the new Directorate of Science, Technology and Innovation for Sierra Leone following his work in artificial intelligence and computer science. The Directorate aims to facilitate and support a prosperous national innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem for both public and private sectors as well as to advance scientific research.

Technology Innovation Hub Takes Off in Sierra Leone

A technology innovation community in Sierra Leone that will drive economic and social development through providing an open and stimulating community hub for entrepreneurs to come together, develop their ideas and access cutting-edge technology, events, incubation programmes and training.