Commonwealth Organisations

Inter-governmental, professional and civil society organisations that collectively work to promote Commonwealth values and shared socio-economic objectives


Intergovernmental Organisations

Intergovernmental organisation mandated to strengthen and support the role of civil society


Intergovernmental organisation that promotes open learning and distance education


Associated Organisations

CAPAM is the Commonwealth Association for Public Administration and Management

Commonwealth Local Government Forum supports mayors and local government

Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation facilitates policy dialogue



CATA promotes good governance and effective tax administrations

CPA links parliamentarians from over 180 parliaments and legislatures

CGF delivers on the vision of the Commonwealth Sports Movement

Civil Society and Professional Organisations

ACU has over 500 universities and member institutions across the Commonwealth

CBW works to promote women’s economic empowerment and entrepreneurship

CALC facilitates training and development of legislative drafting professionals

CAP works with urban and regional planners in Commonwealth countries

Commonwealth Association of Science, Technology and Mathematics Educators

CAA is a membership organisation for professional bodies representing architects

CMA strengthens the capacities of national medical associations

Commonwealth Engineers Council represents engineering institutions

CWEIC promotes trade, investment and the private sector’s role in the Commonwealth

DoE Awards enable young people to learn skills and professional development

Commonwealth Fashion Council promotes sustainability in the fashion sector

CJA is the professional association for journalists from Commonwealth countries

Commonwealth Lawyers Association facilitates legal knowledge exchange

RASC plays a pivotal role in the promotion of agriculture across the Commonwealth

CNMF is a federation of national nursing and midwifery associations

CAM works towards the betterment of museums and their societies

CGEF helps disadvantaged girls complete secondary or high school education

The RCS promotes the value and the values of the modern Commonwealth

CHRI works for the practical realisation of human rights across the Commonwealth

CommonAge is the Commonwealth Association for the Ageing

Commonwealth Council for Educational Administration and Management